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When I bought my White car the previous owner had already installed a hand brake light on the dash and a switch to control it. Although sloppily done, it worked and there was already a hole in the dash that I didn't want to fill. I replaced the wiring and connectors with better quality stuff but the switch & light are as I found them and they have worked fine for 8 years.

The Switch is what was commonly called a "micro-switch" which come in a couple of sizes and with several different types of actuator arms. The one he used was a "standard" sized switch with a roller actuator arm. This kind of arm, though it seems exotic was actually fairly common and I'm quite sure such switches are available at electronic parts stores, perhaps even Radio Shack. The bulb and holder is a standard 12 volt incandescent and was also a Radio Shack item. He simply fastened the switch to the front support arm of the hand brake and the roller hangs off the back of the assembly so that it is "pushed" when the hand brake handle is release. The funny thing is he attached the switch to the arm by simply "tying" it on with some solid wire like you probably have in your garage. Really cheesy but it has worked for many years without a problem. See the photos

John Friese
67 White
67 Red




The principal brake problem I have been having is
forgetting to release the parking brake. Therefore, I am in the process of
contriving a switch which will make contact in the "ON" position when the
ignition is turned on and will show a bright pilot light on the dash to alert
me to release the brake at which time the light would go out. Has anyone
done this or have a good idea of the source for a mechanical brake switch or
other switch which could be hooked up to the park brake assembly to activate
when the brake is pulled on and then illuminate a dash light ? I picked up
a 1930-31 Model A switch, but have to do some refiguring to use it, as
when it is pulled, the contacts go "OFF" and in its static position, it is

Vic Nelson
near Daytona with the 1967 Split Personality

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