Gutted My Amphi



I finally did it, I gutted my poor
Amphi and have begun the transition
from an ALL original interior, (albeit
a tired 40 years of faded seats and
broken springs) to new seats, springs,
floor, door panels, kick panels, etc.
It's a mixed emotion time for Amphi
and I. We both look forward to the
new look and especially the comfort
which will make those distant lake
excursions a little easier to reach.
But we also can no longer boast about
being all original. I'm saving the
old stuff for some unknown reason...
perhaps for the next owner, but most
likely for Amphis' mental health. I
liken it to an ace in the hole so we
say we are 100% original but some parts
are in cryogenic staysis. Anyway, new
stuff should be ready this Friday and
then a quick bolt back together and
then its off to swim.

Had Eric M. from the Windy City visit
Saturday for a brief swim. Always
nice to have an amphibian come for a
visit. He seemed to like the 82 degree
sunny day too. Ahhh San Diego and Amphi -
Life is good.

'64 Turq.
San Diego, CA


I did indeed enjoy my visit to sunny San Diego. Amphipoda was
gracious enough to give a ride to some ffriend of mine that live out
there. Although it has been unseasonably warm in Chicago it was nice
to be reminded what an 80 degree day feels like. It was also my
first vacation with Nikolai. Came back to chaos with my son terribly
spoiled by his grandmother and my father is the hospital with a blot
clot in his lungs. He'll be fine and they hope to return to Ohio

Thanks John & Carol for making it a great trip. For the folks in my
area, I dropped off the tape of our various swims. The video of
Marty driving along Lake Geneva's shoreline is still my favorite!!!