Greatest Birthday Present



It all starts out this last Sunday morning. My wife and daughter are
gone for the weekend and got up early Sunday morning, went outside
and the weather was just beautiful wind calm and pure sunshine. I
told my son Colin to get shorts and shirt on we are going to the
lake. We were in the water by 8:30 A.M. and not but a few fishing
boats in sight. My son wanted to see the dam so we swam up close to
the bouys,I told him we could not get to close, I turned the Amphi
towards the swimming area and set the cruise for just above idle,he
said he would like to get in the back seat and fix the flag. I said
great , not minutes later I look back and he is asleep in the back
seat. We swam for at least 30 minutes and a fishing boat came
alongside,answering the normal questions he awoke and asked where the
nearest McDonalds was for breakfast. Kids,we had to go back to
civilization. But what a great Day.
Mike Bayman

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