Great Son -Museum/restoration help wanted


David Derer

We had a family gathering to attend, being held at Blackhawks Trail
lodge. I almost did not bring Amphi because it needed some repairs. Mike
came home from school and I asked him to r&r the prop shafts. Which he
did. Saturday Margie had to leave and I asked Mike if he wanted to
drive-alone. I know how Margie gets and I told him Mom is gone so better
go do it. The smile on his face was worth a million. I tried not to
worry but for some reason him alone in Amphi spooked me. He drove back
and forth sounding horns and waving. He ended up giving rides-including
his cousins one younger and one older.Once again his smile said it all.
At 13 years old he can fix an Amphi and operate it safely-too cool--Not
everything about getting older sucks. I have started the ball rolling
about a restoration shop and museum west of Chicago near Starved Rock.
If any one is interested I need some qualified partners. Later Dave the