Great San Diego Swim-In


Allan Woodcock

My wife and I want to thank John and Steve for a great swim-in on June
1st. Miramar Lake is less than a mile from Amphiopoda?s home so
everything was organized well. Parking places were saved as were picnic
tables. Many rides were given that day to the general public who
seemed to swarm around the cars. Amphicar owners and families changed
from total strangers to friends in a very short time. At one point we
had 5 red cars in the water at once. (You Celina types are probably
laughing at these small numbers) Those of you who are to the east of
California must realize that lakes are few and far between here and it
takes a bit of effort to go swimming. We hope to build a more active
group here in the future so we can share these cars (boats) on a regular
Allan and Pam