Great Great Day


Dave Derer

Inna from Jersey came and picked up her project Amphi. She is a really
neat lady and will be a welcome addition to the Amphicar family. After
she left I took out BW2 and found it can go faster than 72 mph. I must
be old because I decided not see what the top end really is. I am so
glad that tv show is over. It should of showed Billys frustration more.
He got screwed. All the rust free California cars were some where else,
his VW came from Michigan I think, no floors at all. Then the engineers
on show accidently put fuel line on vacumm hose and filled motor with
Car number 30 just may be the old Brown Wonder current owner is
seriously thinking about coming down. Later Dave the Wave

Please, will someone provide an answer to a question. According to the item
on the back page of the last issiue of the Amphicar newsletter, the
Syx/Dehrer edition of Junkyard wars was supposed to be shown on the Discovery
Channel on April 16th. I turned on the tape recorder and started watching it,
but it certainly didn't look like Billy or Dave. I did not watch it this
week, Wednesday, the 23rd, so I am now guessing that is when it aired.
Hopefully, it didn't come on later during the hour on April 16th. Can someone
please clear this up for me. Also, if someone did record it whenever it was
aired, is it possible to get a copy of that tape? Thanks. Victor Nelson,
Daytona Beach area

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