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Mike Israel

Hi All,

As any owner is aware, there are numerous Amphicar grease fittings that require
regular feedings of Amsoil Water resistant grease. Given the challenge of
accessing many of these fittings, I have found a hydraulic grease gun to be
indispensable. Just hook it up to the compressor and fire away.

I realize that not everyone has access to compressed air. For those who do not I
just saw an item on sale at Harbor Freight which *might* fit the bill. It is a
Lincoln electric grease gun. Normally $53.99 but on sale for $19.99. I do not
have any experience with this product it just looked interesting. As for Harbor
Freight, certainly not the first choice if you are a pro but for ocassional use
items they do have great prices. I have no affiliation with Harbor Freight,
etc., etc..Anyway, the link to the electric grease gun is:

For those who have compressed air I would definitely recommend the air powered
greas gun for $17.99


Mike Israel

65 Amphi (white)


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Ed Price

About 6 months ago, I bought one of those El Cheapo Harbor Freight pistol-style
grease guns (the size that takes a little tube of grease about 6" long). This
hasn't been one of my better deals, because that grease gun leaks grease at
every orifice and crack, except for the nozzle.

Since I really should order some Amsoil stuff pretty soon, I wonder if there's a
recommended grease gun model?

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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I, too, bought a couple of those little 6 inch grease guns - fitted
one with an extended metal tube which allowed me to easily grease my inner
u-joint Zerk (which is on the '67's). However, as you found, they grease
and everything and inintially, even greased out through the designated nozzle.
I took one apart the other day and am unable to determine if the rubber "cups"
(or cup - on the plunnger) came apart, were poorly designed, are in backwards
or what. At any rate, I have given up on them, as they ceased to even do a
poor imitation of what they were expected to do. I now use the full size gun and
am able to aim the flex type nozzle in and attach to the inner u-joint fiting
and get the job done. It seemed like a good idea originally, but I'll stick
with the one full size gun that takes full size tubes of Amsoil grease thank
you. Vic "Splash" Nelson near Daytona

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