Grapevine Fall Getaway


Al Heath


I know this is very short notice, but due to major renovations starting the end of Sept at the location where we normally have the annual DFW swim-in, our normal October fall get together is making adjustments. So we'll be there the weekend of Sept 23-24-25 at Silver Lake campground (817-329-8993) on Grapevine Lake (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area). I'm also looking into another alternate location for the 1st weekend in November (4-5-6) as a followup swim-in due to the short notice on the September one.

This is the beginning of the 2nd season down here now that "simmer" is over and we are back into the lower 70's at night for lows.

Al Heath

aboat2 at amphicar dot you-know-where..