Grand Pa Wave's last toast

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Grand Pa Wave toasted for the last time. The Amphicar family made a huge difference in his life. He passed at 97 years young.DSCN9221.JPG


Sorry for this news, Dave. We enjoyed meeting GW at your house and several outings. He was a joy. --Larry & Nancy


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Very sorry for your loss. Grandpa Wave certainly lived a full life worth celebrating.


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Elizabeth and I are so sorry for your loss, Dave. Your Dad was such a pleasure to be around, and brought many smiles to many folks! We all should hope to have his love of life in our later years.



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Dave, sorry to hear about Grandpa Wave. I had the pleasure of meeting your dad during my first trip to Celina in 2005 and attached is a photo from the parade. Carol and I were in front of you in another car (we did not own an Amphicar at that time) and got to se Grandpa Wave many times. I will have part of Grandpa with us during our adventures in the yellow Amphicar.
Take care,
Ron & Carol Gaydis

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Hi Dave and Margie, we are also sad to here the news about Grandpa Wave.
I was also one of the lucky people that got to meet Grandpa Wave.
Take care and god bless you all.

Ben and family.

Condolences on your loss. It was evident that you were very close to your grandfather. I will miss hearing the stories of your adventures with him.

Take care..

Mark & Becky and family


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Dave and Margie, We are so sorry to hear about your dads passing. We are fortunate have known him. Grandpa Wave certainly seemed full of life.
Will keep you in our prayers,
Mike and Chris