David Derer

I would like some input on GPS. What do you guys like? Later Dave the

Craig Taylor

Dave, I highly recomend Garmans GPS III. My girlfriend used mine this
fall to navigate every day through fog across my lake to get to work
and she had never used one before. She just turned it on and followed
the menu options. No problem at all.

Craig, Flat Lake Alaska

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Date: Saturday, November 3, 2001 2:38 pm
Subject: [amphicar-lovers] GPS

> I would like some input on GPS. What do you guys like? Later Dave the
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Mike Israel

> I would like some input on GPS. What do you guys
> like? Later Dave the
> Wave

I have had a Garmin GPS III+ for about three years
now. I never leave home without it. It is a great
piece of technology. The III+ is loaded with Maps of
the USA and you can purchase all sorts of additional
detail info (like maps of boat ramps).

About a year ago the govt reduced the skew level which
means this unit is amazingly accurate. With selective
availability (SA) accuracy averaged 100 meters. These
days it is 15 meters or better. I have checked it
against map grid coordinates and have been able to get
an exact 10 digit grid coordinate.

You can store more waypoints than you will ever use.
It also leaves "breadcrumb trails" so that you can
easily backtrack. I once entered the coordinates from
a map to a ramp I had never visited. The Garmin arrow
pointed the way right to the ramp. The unit itself
is very simple to use. I use a simple velcro strip to
mount it to the dash.

Recently Garmin introduced the GPS V. It is the same
unit with automatic route calculations and turn by
turn directions. It also incorporates WAAS technology
which utilizes ground tranceivers to improve average
accuracy to less than 3 meters. You can find some
great prices on the III+ since the V was released.

The Streetpilot II is another really nice unit with a
big color display. A bit on the expensive side but
probably the best portable unit on the market.

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
Amphi Digest Admin


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