Gould's Thirteenth Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event, July 11, 12 & 13, 2008


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Good Day Microcar Enthusiasts!
It's that time of year again, and we are getting ready to send out the
registration packages for the Gould's Thirteenth Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic
Event, which will be held at the Gould's residence in Newton (near Boston),
Massachusetts on July 11, 12 & 13, 2008.
Please send your postal address to chasgould@mac.com if you want to receive a
registration package, or send your email address, if you prefer to receive
the registration package by email. You can also view photographs, read all of
the event details, and download registration forms on our web site at
We have negotiated a great $79.00/night rate at the Sheraton Needham Hotel,
although rooms are limited, so you should book your room early, if you wish to
get this Microcar Classic Event promotional rate. You can reserve your rooms
directly with the Sheraton at www.bubbledrome.com/hotel, or by telephone at
1-800-274-3728 or 1-781-444-1110. Be sure that you request the Microcar Classic
promotional rate, and be sure to book before June 1, 2008. The Sheraton has
large comfortable rooms, with great beds, a pool, and a health club, and is
located less than 1.5 miles from the Gould's home. They also have a secure, covered
parking garage, or you can leave your Microcars at the Gould's home overnight
if you prefer. We also have a special parking area for trucks, trailers, and
This is a fantastic three day event, which is chock full of food, fun, and
activities, as well as fabulous cars, and fantastic people. Previous years have
drawn as many as 250 people and over 130 exotic Microcars.
This is a European Style Driving Event, as opposed to a "Park & Polish" type
of event, and all venues are on lush green shaded lawns, as opposed to hot
asphalt parking lots. Plan on attending all three days and into Monday morning if
possible, and bring a good appetite and a full tank of gas.
Guests are asked to bring an unusual (preferably ethnic) recipe dish to share
at our Eclectic Barbecue on Saturday evening, and you will be treated to a
large assortment of really usual foods, as well as our Memphis Barbecue.
Guests are welcome with, or without, a Microcar, and we will have a Seats &
Asses Program (SAP) in place to insure that everyone will be assigned an empty
seat in a Microcar for all tours and activities. We also have the Gould's
Certified Roadside Assistance Program (CRAP), with safe, secure tilt bed flat bed
trailers, which enables us to help retrieve and repair any broken down
Microcars. We have this procedure down to a science and can usually accomplish these
retrievals in record time, and can usually get them repaired in time for the
next activity. Your registration fee includes all parades, tours, food,
beverages, activities and museum entrance fees, SAP & CRAP programs, as well as Chas'
world famous two stroke frozen margaritas, and plenty of Microbrews!
We want to extend a special invitation to any international members from
across the pond. We really love it when we get someone here with an unusual
accent, and an unusual slant on collecting Microcars. This is an event not to be
missed. Just ask anyone who has attended one of the previous twelve year's
Please post your name on this list if you plan on attending. Hope to see you
all here in July.
Charles & Nancy Gould

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