Gotta Gluvit


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Paul's been doing such a great job sanding, gluing, filling, painting,
waiting, measuring, etc...

We finally had a chance to take Amphi out (she's been in the garage
recovering) this past Sunday. We plopped the kids in the back seat and
headed down the boat ramp and floated off for a test drive.

Rosalie, our 3.5-year old, kept checking to see if there was water in
the hold, but amphi was dry as can be! We managed to drive from one
bridge to the other (30 minutes), with only the engine (getting too hot)
giving us trouble.

Now, I have mastered the bilge plug removal technique from 30 years of
opening her up after a swim -- it's pull and run, basically, so as not
to get too wet. This time Paul pulled the plug and a small stream of
water dripped out. Whoopee!!!

Everyone should be as lucky as me. First an Amphicar, and then a man to
take care of it! Gotta gluvit.

Sorry we missed Celina. Thanks for all of the photos! It's weird to see
so many Amphis all together...
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