Got snow?



Yesterday, I was doing yardwork in a tanktop as it was a nice warm
70 degrees. Today, it started raining @ 1AM and by 6AM we had
blizzard conditions (steady 35+MPH winds and heavy snow of 1"+
Per/Hr) lasting all day which left some drifts of only about 3'. The
official total was 10"-14" of HEAVY wet snow. DIA Airport and a 200
mile stretch of I-25 was closed. Even my Siberian Husky (Sasha) took
one look out the door this AM and went back to bed! (what a wuss!)
It is to be in the 70's by mid-week. :)

A neighborhood kid was out shoveling walks and he knocked on my
door. I asked that he also do the sidewalk from the back door to the
garage (about 15' long) too. About 45 mins later he said he was done
and looked very tired. I looked out back and it was still 3' deep
out there (it always drifts between the garage and the back door).
When I asked him if he forgot about that part, he got a odd look in
his eyes. Seems he thought I meant the sidewalk from in front of my
house (2nd from the corner) all the way around the corner, up the
alley and including the driveway! I tipped him 200% of what he asked
for. Make me laugh pretty good, after he left of course!

John "I thought it was Spring" Bevins

P.S. - Happy 30th Daryl-ict!