Greetings all,
Today I picked up my second Amphicar. Another Euro model. Ignition
housing under steering colum, big fat chrome trim on fins, no bilge
blower and more funky features. Does not run.

It took myself and my 6'-5'' friend four tries to roll her onto my
trailer. Go to my friend's home and install new battery. Positive
ground. Installed second battery lead which produces much arcing.
Quick take it off. Look at dash and see late model gas gauge. Must
have been switched to neg. ground. Yup, normal spark upon contact.
Time to crank her over to see if she is seized or not. Push remote
starter button and hear the beautiful sound of the starter engage
and spin her over and over. Yippyyyy!

Next, stuff gas line into two gallons gas (gas valve broke). More
cranking. No start. Pour gas into carb and tell big guy to jump in
and pump the piss out of her. His big legs snag on ignition wires
pulling all five or six out of dash. Shut down!

Get creeper to inspect underside. Find one hole next to jack tube
while taping with knuckle. I can put four fingers through it into
bilge area. Wife comes into the shop to see new addition with
friend. After ooo's and aaa's, it's beer time.

Immediate plans:
Heavy duty aluminum tape over holes.
Fix ignition.
Replace gas valve.
Go to nearest lake.
Have fun!

Hope all is well!

Brian Crombie