Gordons Radial Tires

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by dougparsons@ameritech.net, Apr 27, 2001.

  1. Hello Fellow Amphibious Swimmers

    I have posted for your pleasure and curiosity pictures of Gordons new
    Radial tires If you have any questions let me know,

    Oh the reason they look Blue is because they have a protective
    coloring over the white wall and I didn't have any white wall cleaner
    I will tomorrow though

  2. Michael Echemann

    The tires look sharp. I bet you can't wait to get out there and spin them
    around the block. Are you happy with the size and look. Let me know if you
    get any rub on your rear springs. It think your car is a 67 thus the big


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