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All good comments on this subject. It's everyones duty to search for
replacement parts. It's part of what makes this hobby fun. Keep it up!!!!

Parts is Parts!!!!!!!!!!, sometimes. Maybe a fan belt etc. but not everything.
It's all up to the owner and what he or she wants. We are fortunate some
quality replacement items are available. For instance the fiberglass panels
which are out are very nice. These are just what the doctor ordered for getting
a rusty or damaged car back on the road. This puts a few more years on a rusty
car but will not add value. The more all of us try and keep the cars original
the better preserved they stay for future generations. Thats just how it works.

Regarding the Transmissions I wouldn't blame Hugh for keeping these parts close
to his heart. If the number of new transmisions and certain transmission parts
are getting low then we should probably thank him for this action. Most of us
are going to look to Hugh for a new or rebuilt transmission if we ever need one.
(I've heard his rebuilds are perfect too). The last thing we need out there in
years ahead is a bunch of junked up trannys. I've heard so many people
complaining of trans problems lately which never used to be the case. Get
those transmissions fixed by a real expert or leave it alone and call Gordons.
This is probably the single best piece of amphi advise available. If Hugh ever
decides to protect the quality of transmissions by making rebuilds and parts go
through him then I'd say "way to go Hugh". Lets make sure our kids kids kids
can get some quality Amphi action 75 years from now.

I don't think the Gordons are going to sell anytime soon. I certainly hope not
as they are solely responsible for the survival and health of the Amphicar
today. They are much more. They are friends!!!


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