Gordon's Main Wiring Harness

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I just saw that Gordon's has their Main Wiring Harness on weekend special. I just wanted to post a quick message about the harness.
I never really had any electrical problems, but was never excited about the 50 year old brittle wires...so I decided to get one of their harnesses. I put it in about a year and a half ago. It was a big job, and I have to admit, I was thinking "what have I gotten in to!" at more than one point. But the harness itself is a WONDERFUL product. Each wire is made the right color and length....with the proper end connector. It really worked out great, and I couldn't be happier. I put the rear/engine compartment harness in at the same time, and it of course was of equal quality. The only thing I would suggest if you tackle putting a harness in is to get a copy of the wiring schematic. That is an essential companion to have while hooking it up.
Excellent harness!

Marc Schlemmer.


Thanks for the review Marc. I've coveted those harnesses every time they've gone on sale. It's good to know they're quality parts.