Gordons Hood Lenses


Michael Echemann

Today as I was working (home office) UPS arrived with a package from Gordons.
Sometime ago Hugh and I did some trading and he owed me for a hood lens. At the
time I told him there was no hurry and that when he had one he felt was very
nice just send it over. Today I received the lens and I must say it's very
nice. The chrome and colors are excellent.

If two of my cars didn't have their like new original lenses and the other have
an NOS one, I'll have run out in the garage and slapped Gordons on one of my
cars right away. Now nothing beats NOS except NOS so unless you want to fork up
an NOS price assuming you can find a new one I don't think you can beat this new
improved part.

I'd suggest if you've been wanting to upgrade your old hood lens then step up
and get one of these. The price was also reduced to $129.95!!! (minor blems
$99.95) I'm pretty picky too and I give these lenses an excellent rating for a
repro part.


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