Gordons and Prices


David Derer

First let me state I am very grateful for Hugh Jeanna and Shelly. And
lately his reproductions have been great. Partly due to the fact that
people can freely discuss the things they want or dislike. I know of a
few people that have paid for what should have been NOS or true
reproduction and got something less. By others looking and trying parts
it helps Hugh and us. And by an occasional remark it helps Hugh try
harder. Hugh did not come up with all of those replacement parts by
himself. Many have told Hugh about part interchanges and he has then
made it available to others. And maybe like others I hate to say what I
think is a bargain in fear of a price increase. And I am always thankful
that I can call and get parts with out having to try a hundred other
places. Also because of castings and such a thin shim may be needed even
with the correct U joint. I like Folgers. I like this list. I am already
missing Brown Wonder. I just had a thought, try to get a junker running
and floating with out calling Hugh. I wonder if he would finance this
idea as a marketing tool? Hey Hugh give me a call! Later Dave the Wave.
Viva Spring Valley!! May 19th