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Hi Folks:

Due to my living in close proximity to Santa Fe Springs, CA, I had
the pleasure of visiting a place today that many on this list have
not or may never see in person: Gordon Imports!

Although Hugh was out of town, Shellee was very nice and granted me
the privilege of touring "Mecca" -- that is, the back warehouse.
Cool! I counted over 10 Amphis in various stages of restoration
and/or disrepair, along with row upon row of shelves packed with the
things we all covet. What a field day I was having. I could have
spent the whole day there.

I was quite a thrill for me, and increased my enthusiasm about the
car as well as the community that I am now joining.

No one really knows me yet, but I have been on this list for a while
and have recently made a deal to purchase David Field's 64 Red from
Canada. I have not received it via the transport company yet, and
this visit to Gordon's today only makes me more impatient to join the
fun when it arrives here in California.

Looking forward to the good times!

Ed Howard
64 Red
"The New Guy"

Eric Mattlin


I think you might be suprised by the number of us that have made the
pilgramage to Santa Fe springs. I live in Chicago but have been

Dave Chapaman lines in the UK and Rene Pohl lives in Germany and they
have also managed the trip.

Glad you had a good visit.


Re: Re: Gordon Imports

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">My wife and I were there also. Do they still have the Kitty Cat in the office?

Frank, in Connecticut. AKA: CptCrnch56@aol.com

67 yellow

66 green

64 blue


John Friese

I was just visiting Hugh and his wife at their summer home last week.
I was also down at Gordon Imports a couple of weeks ago. They have
several of their many cats with them in Michigan and a number of them
are still around Gordon Imports where Shellee and the gang look
after them.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red

--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., cptcrnch56@a... wrote:
> My wife and I were there also. Do they still have the Kitty Cat in
the office?
> Frank, in Connecticut. AKA: CptCrnch56@a...
> 67 yellow
> 66 green
> 64 blue