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We have lowered our prices on the following parts. Please make a note of them in your catalogs.

Part Number Description Old Price New Price

4-20-24B Rear axle spline boot $ 23.31 $19.95

6-22-36a Tension spring $ 7.65 $ 6.55

8-28-02HP HP Exhaust pipe $112.15 $92.25

10-32-43B Back-up lens seal, black $ 19.90 $ 9.25

10-32-43G Back-up lens seal, gray $ 19.90 $ 9.25

11-35-22 Front bumper bracket, left $ 67.61 $47.50

11-35-23 Front bumper bracket, right $ 67.61 $47.50

11-40-12 Tension spring $ 7.65 $ 6.55

11-42-35 Return spring $ 15.44 $ 6.55

12-45-39 Gray rubber cover $ 56.65 $49.95

Weekend Specials

Good Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Only!

April 5th, 6th, and 7th


PART # 10-33-37b/f/k SET


$425.00 EACH SET S&H $25.00 EACH SET

For those with multiple wiring problems, do we have a deal for you! Over the

past 45 years, wires can become faded, brittle, cracked, and broken. Not to

mention wires that have been cut and spliced, often with the wrong color. Well,

here’s a way to fix all that at one time. This special includes the main and rear

harnesses, as well as the common feed harness for the instruments. That means

you get basically all the wires for the car, front to rear! And to make it even

better, you SAVE a whopping $137.34 on the set this weekend!!


PART # 11-34-33/48 KIT


$71.05 EACH KIT S&H $6.95 EACH KIT

Stop those door water leaks! You get both the door and body-at-door seals

(enough to seal one door). Best seal deal of 2014!! SAVE $25.00 per kit!!

ORDER TODAY!!! TIP: Check door leaks the simple, fast way . . . on dry land.

After adjusting your water lock handle stop, spray water on your closed door all

along the gap between door and body. Have someone shine a flashlight inside the

4 inch holes below the inside door sill area. (You may have to peel down the

rubber mat glued to the inside sill area first.) If water rushes past the seals, it will

roll over the white plastic strip. If it’s a small leak, it will flow down through the

three small holes on top of the door sill. Just shim your seal on door with thin

rubber strips (like inner tube rubber) to tighten fit against both seals. Also, be

sure your water lock handle is adjusted tightly against the stop and actually pulls

the door in towards body. Use 3M Weatherstrip Glue for best adhesion.

PART # 6-22-22x2 SET


$100.95 EACH SET S&H $5.95 EACH SET

Front flexible hoses on sale! Why not get them now and SAVE over $33.50!

Life is good!! ORDER NOW!!!

PART # 6-22-36x2 SET


$65.95 EACH SET S&H $5.95 EACH SET

So, you only need the rear ones. Now is your chance to renew them and SAVE

over $21.00 in the process! How can you say no?!! DON’T DELAY!!!

PART #11-36-42


$26.95 EACH S&H $3.00 EACH

Bang, thump, clunk. Year after year, the door slams shut, cutting grooves and

slide marks on the catch. TIP: Adjust your doors using your old catches as

“sacrificial” substitutes. Then when all is correct, install your new catches.

Extra Tip: Polish your new catches to a mirror gloss finish and spray with clear

gloss spray! SAVE $8.54 this weekend!

PART # 11-36-42a


$26.95 EACH S&H $3.00 EACH

Same great price, same great savings this weekend!

PART # 11-36-43


$1.39 EACH S&H $2.50 for 1 to 4 screws

Here is a small but important part that many customers have asked for. Just

think, you can’t hold your doors closed without them. Now you can have brand

new, shiny, zinc plated, correct oval head screws to hold the door catches to the

door jamb. SAVE $0.60 per screw this weekend!! ORDER TODAY!! (Two

screws needed for each door catch.)

PART # 12-46-11b/19b SET


$179.95 EACH SET S&H $20.00 EACH SET

We’ve done this set in ivory. How about those of you who would like black

mouldings? Well, here is your chance to renew both side mouldings and the rear

bumper all at the same time. And with the same great SAVINGS of over $55.00,

how can you go wrong?! DON’T DELAY!!

PART # 10-32-33cx6 KIT


$2.70 EACH KIT S&H $2.25 EACH KIT

Brand new, shiny stainless steel! You mean I get stainless steel and a

dramatically reduced price? You bet! For those of you with a working horn,

but crusty screws, this is the kit for you. They will never rust again. Just

remember, don’t undo the 2 screws at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions until you

have the horn out of its body. And now for the savings on these polished

beauties. The old price has been slashed from $0.89 each to $0.59 each. But

this weekend, there is an additional $0.84 SAVINGS on this kit of 6 screws.

Plus, you get a complimentary pair of nuts and lock washers to complete the

package. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

PART #H-1 (WHITE), H-2 (RED), H-3 (BLUE), H-4 (GOLD)


$11.50 EACH HAT S&H $6.95 for 1 or 2 hats

SPRING IS HERE! It’s time for a new hat. ORDER NOW!!



Please note: All shipping and handling charges are based on one piece/kit purchases.

Most likely, multiple parts orders will have reduced shipping charges.

Don’t forget. See our month long printed monthly flyer special for more

unbeatable prices!

Note-Weekend specials cannot be combined with other specials.

Improving Amphicar with 21st Century Technology.


Order by Phone (leave message):



Order by Fax: 562-404-1904

Order by Email: sales@gordonimports.com


Amphicar Expert
Sometimes specials aren't that special,
I stock ,in Canada and Florida,front flex hoses and sell for $35.00 each..
that's $70 a pair not $100,,, ,been that price for years and do not see any increase in the near future! rears are $28.00 each
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