Gord Sighting


Marc Schlemmer

Elizabeth and I just had dinner and a great visit with Gord Souter tonight
(Monday evening) and he is now heading North on I75 through Cincinnati. He
has made quite a trip!
All I want to know is why can't I have a job where I can play for two weeks!
(just kidding...I know that as many miles as he's driven it's not been
play - it's been work) But still, I would have liked to been able to take a
day off and spend more time with him. Thanks for stopping by, Gord!
It really is great that he has been able to see so many Amphicar folks along
the way and show some of his parts to people. It is obvious that he has had
a great time.

Marc Schlemmer.


Yes Gord was visiting the Dayton area just a mere 9 hour drive home.
We talked about his trip and all the great people he met. When he got
up I took him out to breakfast and he was on his way by 9 am. He was
hoping for a faster border crossing than coming down (that took 4
hrs.) He is undoubtly in the north woods by now. He is a great guy
and a blast to talk to. EH!
Mike Bayman
Urbana, Ohio