Gord read this and call me

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
Gord your email came back undeliverable. And You don't look at your cell phone. Parts are at my house if you want them. Do a cool swim just before Dora. Dave


my email is not the houseboats any more.. toooo many junks found it.
I think there is over 2000 on it last time i tryed to look.
I only get
my florida numer at house is 352 319 6774..and I do have an answer machien I can work..I do not have any long distance plan so have to use a calling card..Poor phone companys here in Fl.Guess I,ll try thestick that goes in comp.something jack, anybody else use it?
my cell is poor, poor to hear and I can not figure out how to get messages.so I only use it for emeregency use


I was at your cottage yesterday and picked up box.
Ron T is looking at a caddi conv, like the ladys across the road.. neat..

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