Gord, John B., speedy recovery!


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Just wanted to wish my friends both a speedy recovery!! Love you guys!! Tom n Cindy:dft012:

Thanks for the well wishes! The emails and the phone calls are most appreciated. It all helps. My 3 year old nephew called and sang "twinkle twinkle little little star" to me so how can I not be happy after that!

things are moving forward every day. Therapy is excrutiating (much worse than breaking my back, that's for sure), but necessary. I am getting better at using my left hand now so thats a benefit. I should be able to move my r arm in about 6 more weeks, then re-build the strength. The pain has finally receeded to a tolerable level most of the time. I have a power wheelchair for now too so that makes things easier. I hope to be home by January sometime. Full recovery will take about a full year.

PLEASE Check your vehicles insurance coverage to be sure your medical is covered. They guy who hit me is w/o insurance and my trucks ins is not enough so I have to cover a big portion of the 6 figure bills myself. A call to your agent may prevent this from happening to you.

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What is Your current address? I mailed an NOS engine cover as a get well gift, but I may of had wrong address. Stay strong Swim safe. Later Dave