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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Aug 26, 2001.

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    Couple of buddys came out and we jumped in Erics Amphi Friday night with
    out wives or children!!! We of course went to favorite river side bar.
    Without wives and children we were able to chat with others at the bar
    and ultimately gave lots of rides. Unlike Erics luck we drove and swam
    trouble free. I hope to have stainless steel exhaust systems soon. I am
    using an original system as pattern. That means it will fit correctly
    and wont need homemade brackets. Please let me know if you are
    interested. The more I can order the less it should cost. I have two
    cars I am brokering. Green 67 mechanicals are done, needs quarters 10k.
    Also red 64 low twentys. I hope to have sunvisor solution next couple of
    weeks. Lake Geneva is going to be busy. I wish it was not same date as
    Evansville. I am willing to bet that Robert Wright will be an excellent
    host. I hope to get myself invited down there at another time. My souped
    up engine should be done next week. It should be pumping out 50 heart
    pounding horses. After I finish a major restoration due September 9th I
    am taking a couple of days just for me. I want to see some yellow paint.
    I think I will paint dash first just to keep me motivated. Rusty cars
    are a lot of work. Later Dave the Wave

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