Good times w/ Dave & Margie


Marty & Caryl

We sure had a pleasant time at Dave's swim on the Rock River this
past weekend. We were glad to see our friends and to also get
acquainted with new amphibians as well as those who we have seen but
hadn't yet met. Amphicar people are in a status of their own. One
bad coil, an out of gas yellow car, a bump between fender and rear
quarter, a log lodged in a front wheel well and a case of vapor lock
were the only troubles we are aware of and nobody got hurt too bad
except for stitch who gashed his leg on a trailer followed by a run
the ER for a repair. After rain Thursday night and most of the day
Friday, Saturday and Sunday were perfect. Dave did an exceptionally
good job of keeping his 5th swim a huge success. Our hosts Becky and
D were so good to us all that they must be in line for sainthood.
Too much more to say after the too short weekend and photos to follow
to prove it. Thanks again Dave and Margie.
Marty, Caryl, Kelsey & Cailin Peters
'64 bone stock Fjord green