Good things


Dave Derer

Amphi number 31 called in from Portage Wisconsin. This is going to blow
a lot of peoples minds!

Celina plans. We have been working on making the tenth anniversary the
best. I have wanted a video for years and this year I got my wish. We
have a great professional car show video producer that will be taping
our show. Plus we will have group photo by Panaround again. Details of
shot to be worked out. We are having a hospitality tent set up at
Eagles. This one will be near were the Amphis park. It will have chairs
and a tv vcr. We got Scott Moses to head up the videos. So if you can
not attend but want to be seen send Scott your tape. We will raffle off
TV Saturday night, Scott will be handling the raffle tickets too. If you
have an idea or Celina want please let us know!

Later Dave the Wave