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Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


David Derer

Hopefully in a few weeks I will have some exciting Amphicar news. A
possible partnership is evolving. With offerings of some parts and
services that are currently not available. They will be only be
available at the most highest and exacting levels. Last year was a most
pivotal year. With learning curves on pricing, quality, and insurance.
Now armed with multiple insurance policys, a better billing procedure,
and new attitude, I am Thankful I was able to stay the course. The ten
ton press should be delivered next week. Grand Pa Wave hinted around
that My idea with press might not be possible. My reply was best thing
about not knowing anything is I dont know it can't be done. So far all
things that people said I could not do have been done. But none of it
was all by myself. The list of people that have helped, encouraged, had
ideas to share is long. And with out the Gordons I could have never been
able to get to this point. And its not just parts, its the friendships.
Later Dave the Wave