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Someone I know is having their Amphicar stripped and painted in CA. When he inquired about them using Epoxy Primer they said they use Gluvit.

I know that Gluvit was popular way back when but not sure that anyone uses it these days. I may be wrong, but I think it got moved to the snake oil category along with Por-15?

Any thoughts appreciated. Yes, I did tell them to have the work done by one of the Amphi specialists here but I guess the left coast is too far away.



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I don't know about Gluvit but Por-15 is amazing if you go through the hassles of applying it. It is tough to deal with but absolutely nothing will get through it or is a solvent for it. 16 years under and around my original battery box, with a color top coating of colored mastic, and there is no sign of failure of any kind.

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I dont use por 15 either. Nearly everyone I know has had adhesion problems. Its like a sheet of plastic, looks good but underneath it traps moisture. You dont see bubbles instead all at once you get a big rust hole. Some have used and like por, no arguments I just refuse to use.

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too steep for my poskets, but Sam Ferge has a place in Texas that does legit E-coating - see last half of this :
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Thats the brilliance of Mastercoat Silver MCU - moisture curing urethane - eliminates moisture and replaces it with a ridiculously-agressive adhesion to the surface.
If you provide 100 grit "tooth" and prep the surface first by etching with a fine wirebrush and phosphoric acid & rinse & heat-dry- lemme tell ya.... its so impervious and reliable adhesion that it makes a great fuel tank lining as well -

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