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  1. richard martin

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    <font size="4">Just broke my left rear window, does anyone have a spare?</font>
  2. Gord Souter

    Gord Souter Guest

    I spoke to Stacy at Lo-Can Glass today about Amphicar windshields. To have
    one shipped to a commercial address costs $535.00. $425.00 for the glass,
    $85.00 for frgt. and $25.00 for crating. I asked her about quantities and
    she told me if I ordered 8 pieces or more, the cost goes down to $315.00
    delivered. Production time would be two to three months.
    This got me thinking. Could there be seven Amphicars in Minnesota and
    Wisconsin in need of new windshields? I could be persuaded to make the
    purchase and take a couple Sunday drives to meet interested parties. Your
    cost would be my cost.
    Has anyone ever purchased glass from Lo-Can? I'm wondering about the
    quality. Craig, hows that plexiglass holding up? Maybe I could box one up
    for you!

    Any takers?

    Brian Crombie
    Faribault, Mn.

    Good Idea we should get a mass order in
    l will need 3 myself up in Ontario and will talk with other oweners
    on this side of the border.
    i have ordered from them in the past and they were very good.
    nice to have a windshield with no wipper scraches.
    1 67 vin #106522262 black dash&lip.with crome vents

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