Glass Amphicars on Ebay



Hey!! Hope you all check out the Red Stained Amphicars on Ebay ..Hand made by
Stacy Cihlar,,,(with lots of encouragement by yours truely),,, She has lots of
fun making these things even though she wasnt too turned on doing stained glass
Vehicles,, She also did a Jeep , which I thought was GREAT and ,,well ,, she
sold it on Ebay (now I dont have my Jeep),, Jeeps are the Coolest next to
Amphicars. She has Lots of time in these and I shure hope she finds it's worth
it!!!! Hint,Hint !!!,,,Ck it out
And many thanks for the wonderful Amphi Surprise , in the mail today,, I'll
need that real Soon.. Best to All ,,Russ

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