To the Amphicar owners and prospects from St. Paul:

I stumbled upon a book titled "Girlfriends". It is about many extraordinary
girlfriend groups all over the country. One story impressed me because the
rule and supporting photos of this particular club of chicks was that to be
a member of the club, you had to own an Amphicar. It wasn't stated, but I
suspect that being a hottie was another requirement.

After researching the location, I found out that the Island of Happy Days as
mentioned as the residing town was fictitious, and the actual location was
Lake Minnitonka (this is the location of Tonka Trucks) just outside of St.

Can you believe that all of the chicks had husband's that were also into
I found out that one of the women featured in the story had a husband named
Rich Rosenburg. He is a club member. I talked to him on the phone while I
was swimming there (I wanted to go there so badly; my wife passed on the
long drive, but arranged for my sister to accompany me on the trip).

Even though I didn't get to meet Rich or any of the hotties, I learned that
there was an annual Amphicar event on the same weekend as Celina. I stated
that this had to change; the 6 attendees should come to Celina. This might
be that year!

I also found out that all these Lake Minnetonka Amphi guys had stern light
flags made by Elizabeth Schlemmer. All is not fare in life; 5 non-members
acquired them before Elizabeth had decided that making flags was not that
much fun!

All I can say is that the Lake Minnetonka area is one of neatest areas I
have ever visited. I definitely will be back there again.

Rob "still alive" Vondracek
'64 red