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Larry & Nancy Solheim

<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">Just came back from another "Gilligan Tour". </font>
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<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">Took some vistors from Florida to see the lake and ride in a "boatcar". Good view of the Bald Eagle plunging for a fish. Fun high speed entry on the public launch at far end of the lake. Stopped at the fish camp dock to talk to some folks. As we leave he shouts, "You can use the carport!" refering to the boathouse directing in front of us. Amphi immediately takes an unexpectedhard port turn. I stop, reverse and go nowhere. Back into forward and the engine dies. What he really said was, "Watch out for the carpet!". Sure enough, there is a amorphous mass just under the surface, remnents of some large fabric sheets put on the bottom years ago to smother some weeds. It is wrapped around the props and as we found later, also caught up on the front ball joints.</font>
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<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">One boat comes in to pull us out . . . . we don't budge. A guy dives off the dock with a knife in his teeth (this is 4th of July w/ major celebrating, of course) and begins to cut the fabric around the props. Fortunately the water is only 4 feet deep, because he was there about 25 minutes. The boat tries to pull us again, that's when we find the snag on the front end. He cuts some more. Finally cut freewe're towedto the ramp, about 100 yards away and they drive up a jeep to tow us out, just far enough to engage the wheels, in case there is still something around the props. </font>
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<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">Props are clear. Florida visitor's brother drives over from the other end of the lake where we launched, wondering where his family is, as our planned 15 minute swim has lasted over 1:20. I promise to buy the swimmer a case of beer.</font>
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<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">Local brothertells me he'll follow me back on the highway with his family. I say I'm planning to boat back. Florida brother and sister-in-law say "This was great! We'll go with him." & hop back into Amphi. Home we go --- without incident.</font>
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<font face="Comic Sans MS" size="3">Happy 4th of July!</font>
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<font face="comic sans ms" size="3">--Larry</font>

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