Gibbs Aquada Specifications


FYI........I have been sent the more detailed specifications of the new
Aquada for those who are interested, the $225,000 gets you everything below ?
still no doors or a roof ,but I like the positive bouyancy !!!!

Paul Senior 64 RHD Red Amphicar

Private Light Vehicle and TCD Category D.
Engine: 175 hp, 24 valve, V6 with EEC compliant immobiliser.
Gearbox: 5 Speed Auto and Reverse.
Fuel: 95 Ron Unleaded.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 Gallons / 67 Litres.
Wheels: Front 16 x 6.5 J Alloy 6 Spoke; Rear 16 x 6.5 J Alloy 6 Spoke.
Tyres: Front 215 x 65; Rear 225 x 60.
Brakes: All Round Power Assisted Discs. Front Ventilated
Suspension: Computer Controlled Air/Oil Hydraulic Self-Levelling with
Variable Ride Height
Steering: Power Assisted on Road and Water.
Seating: 3 Across - Centre Steer. Seats can be Elevated for Improved
Viewing on Water
Seat Belts: Three-Point Pre-Tension Seat Belts for Driver and 2
Kerb Weight (kg): 1466
Permissible Gross Weight (kg): 1750
Jet: Proprietary Gibbs Unit
Trim Tabs: Dihedral Electric Trim Tabs
Bilge Pumps: 3 Independent Systems
Buoyancy: Non-Sinkable if Swamped
Lights: Marine Navigation Lights
Fire Protection: Automatic Engine Compartment Suppression System
Boot Capacity (kg): 35
Hood: Bimini Style
Heater: Included
Audio: Water-Resistant CD/Radio
Colours: Black, Yellow, Red or Blue with Silver Hull; Solid Colour Option
at Extra Cost

Warranty: Standard 2 years in the United Kingdom only.

Insurance: Road and water coverage available for purchase. Quotation on
request. Terms & Conditions apply.

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