getting ready for some axle suck in Sabula

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
:D Doug Parsons confirmed, Looks like Kamakazi is going to try hard to make it to Sabula also. Spring is finally here and thoughts of axle suck fill the hearts of Amphicar owners. My car is still missing a door and not running. Also missing interior, tires, brakes, hood ....But I do have vanity license plates !:005: It will be usable!!!!! Viva Fabula Sabula, Viva axle suck!!!! See You soon, Dave the Wave....:003: P.S. Big Thanks to the Club for helping My Swim In. In the past all costs came out of My pocket. To have a successful gathering it takes a lot of time, advertising and cajoling. When I put My heart in to it, We have some friggin awesome times!!! I feel really good about this Swim In!!! Thanks for the GREAT write up in newsletter!
:) Also time for the rules. 1) No Crabbin ! 2) Stay smooth 3)remember You have it made!