Getting closer....



Wow, 2 whole days in the 50's gave me some much needed intimate time
with my Amphi. She is so patient with me, there were many weeks that
went by without a part being added or adjusted. S l o w at best.

Last weekend gave me 2 whole days of non stop wrenching! OK, I did
stop for the occasional break. I now have the trunk area 100%
completed except for installing the defroster hoses. I even got stuck
(don't tell anyone!) in the trunk for a bit. I was fitting the wiper
linkages and somehow my body settled into an odd position and with my
limited mobility I was very stuck! After a laughed at myself, I took
a deep breath and managed to wiggle my way out. DOH! :)

The only thing left is reworking rear axels and such, wiring the
engine compartment, installing radiator, assembling doors and
propshafts. She goes in in a couple of weeks (depending on weather)
for a new top and a final buff. Then the plans for an official launch

For a car that I was just going to fix the 1/4 panels and get her
floating, it sure is taking a long time! Next month will be 2 years
since she showed up in my garage. I guess that's not bad for a one
man, spare time operation. The only thing that I have not done by
myself is the body and paint and dropping the engine in (needed 4
hands for that). Other than that I have turned every bolt and
refinished every part with my own hands. Oops, I forgot, I didn't sew
the interior, I got one from Dave "The Wave", but I am installing it.
With the exception of a handful of hardware, she is all genuine

John and "The Amphicar Extraordinaire!"