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I'm at absolute square 1 for restoration. What's the best way to get off the ground to work? I don't have a lift or rotisserie, just jack stands. I've seen pics on stands in a diamond - one under each jack point then center of the bow & stern. Would just inside the wheels work (like where a 2 post lift pads would go)? I'm leery of dropping the wrong part of the hull on a 2 square inch metal stand :eek:


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I have the same question. I'm thinking it's best to use the jack slot, in front of the rear wheels, to raise one side at a time. I will look for a piece of steel to slide into the slot, then use a floor jack to raise the side.


If you put a 4 foot long 4x4 across at the front and back of the car, bridging the 2 rails that run front to back , it will be well supported. Take the sub-floor out if you're uncertain of placement. I've had no problems doing it this way.


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take a LOT of pics & video-scans. I didnt take enough of what wires came off of what pins on the back of the instruments and had to ask a lot of questions. if youre going to have the motor done, might as well find a 1500 motor that has some power, unlike the stock 1147 motor!


If you have much body work to do invest in a rotisserie then sell it afterwards. Made mine so much easier, and better. I had to replace the lower quarters and weld patches in a lot of the rocker areas and it was huge. Helps you not have to be a contortionist.

I find the 1147 is just fine. You can't use more power in the water generally due to propellor cavitation and on the road the 1147 gets you up to 60 which is as fast as I'm comfortable driving it as twitchy as the handling is. Yeah you slow for hills, but I live in the Rockies and if I'm going somewhere far away I just trailer it. There are issues with using a 1500 so be sure and talk to people if you are thinking of going that way. John Friese has done several, I think both of his cars are upgraded. I'd be worried about the tranny, they are somewhat fragile.


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This is where you lift, under the frame rails.
Amphicar with suspension and steering in good order drives perfectly at 70+mph, only limitations are engine revs and associated noise, (1147 and 1300 will rev to 7000) and the brakes. They are fine and safe but never as sharp as disks on a modern car, for it's age though Amphicar is very driveable, 500 miles in a day is no problem.
Most important area is rear swing arms, any play there and you are all over the road.

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I use small crank 1296cc engines in my cars. Both my cars are stable on the road even at 87 mph . Small crank 1296cc engines have the same stoke as the 1147's and can wind up without fear of blowing up. They can be rather hard to find though. 1500 engines tend to blow up if run above 65 mph for long periods unless some fancy modifications are done to them.

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