get over it



I'm realatively new to this whole scheme of things. I like the ideas
of souping up Amphi's with 1500 Spitfire engines, turbos, ect. I just
really liked the name from my favorite WWII fighter being a pilot and
all. A Spitfire in my Amphi. Kewl.

Well, my Amphi is pretty much stock. Hasn't had a wrench on it since
new. I remember the 1st time I got her going on the road and thought,
golly, this little piece of scrap iron really has some get up and go.

I am just now testing the Gordon 'high performance' muffler. After
completing the installation and putting the trunk lid back on, I must
admit. It sounds very nice. I complained earlier about the nosie. I
like quiet cars. I digress...

I am now waiting for my new insurance coverage before I take
my 'monster' car on the street to test out the new performance bennies
of the exhaust system. That wasn't the reason why I replaced the
bullet ridden anchor slimly dequised as a muffler.

My thought from the getgo was that this car has a specific terminal
velocity that is not to be exceeded. 70 is scary. My car drives
straight and true, but I'm real happy at 60.

The car also has a water terminal velocity that horsepower can't
overcome. The old saying that there's no substitute for hp doesn't
apply to the Amphi.

You can pump all the power you want to those screws, but the only
thing that will be eatten up is gas and a tranny.

I'm happy with my stock engine. Gonna save me a lot of money not
doing a 1500 conversion. But why listen to me? My driver is a 25 y/o
240D Mercedes with 66hp. An Amphi at half the weight with 43hp feels
like a Spitfire to me!

'64 Red fondly known as Darwin