George Russell Radio show


Dave Derer

If any one on east coast listens to The George Russelll show 1480 am.
99.7 fm- I will be his guest for a few minutes discussing things like
Buicks that float. The Cubans have a special status for last 50 years.
If they touch land they automatically become citizens. Since the 9-11
nightmare We have tightened our borders. So now more will be stopped.
On a much better note. I ordered yards of bright yellow vynil and hired
a embroiderer to put in palm trees. So hopefully will have new door
panels soon.
Bumper welds- I had welded and then brought part. When acid dipped small
imperfections showed and typical sub contractor chromed it. His response
was that is what you brought me. So from that point on I have him weld
it. If I am dissatisfied then he does it over. His price is very
reasonable, plus he knows what he wants.
My Georgia car runs so good that I ordered an engine cover from Gord. I
have seen his other fiberglass parts and I bet this one will be great
too. Later Dave the Wave