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Genetic Cloning and Generation Amphi;

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Genetic Cloning and Generation Amphi;

Unmeasured ingredients and continuous tasting are
the keys to any good recipe or so my old Yiddish
granny would whisper. She was of that Silent Generation
(those born between 1925-1942). Her generation's
offspring somehow spawned the Rebellious 1950s.
Then came the next few generations, the Baby Boomers
who dominated the 1960s and 1970s, the Yuppies
who prospered in the 1980s, and then in the 1990s we
saw the rise and fall of Generation X. With our world
constantly changing, no one could accurately predict
what the next generation would be... until now.

Ingredients for cloning a Generation Amphi;
From the Silent Generation (1925-1942) we've selected
the long forgotten genes for wisdom and patience. These
key ingredients are essential for Amphi maintenance and
repairs. The Rebels of the 1950s provided the treasured key
ingredients of fins and chrome. From the Baby Boomers
(1960 through the 1970s) we extract specific genes which
promote optimism, sexual freedom, recreational mind
enhancement substances, Amphicars and sexy mermaids,
which when combined make for one hellva potent set of
chromosomes. Now add in from the 1980s Yuppies
(Young Urban Professionals) generation a heaping portion
of materialism which help in the acquisition & duplication
of multiple cars, tools, and best of all - credit card debt.
And last, but not least, from the 1990s Generation X folks
we selectively pilfer the genetic material responsible for
technological breakthroughs such as the Internet, cell
phones and pizza delivery.

Taking the above genes of each proceeding generation
and tossing them into the primordial soup, igniting a 43
horsepower Triumph Herald engine, engaging twin
nylon screws, mixing until thoroughly blended and
WHA-LA! The Amphi Generation emerges to claim its
rightful place atop a lackluster progression of evolutionary
stepping stones. I predict the Amphi Generation will rule this
planet until the next great asteroid impact or until Gordon
Imports goes outta business... which ever comes first.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA