Generator Stuff



A few months back someone posted a wonderful troubleshooting guide
for the Amphi Generator. I've not been able to access the archives
to find it. This would be a great tech tip article for the
Amphicar Newsletter. Until then, could someone re-enlighten me
about The Prince of Darkness, Mr. Lucas and his generation system.
Right now, the only thing that does work is the dim idiot light on
the dash that says it's not working.

I guess the first test is to check for residual voltage with the
engine running. What should I see? 3 or 4 volts?

Next step would be to flash the field if there's no voltage and
check again. What's the proper way to do this.

If there's still no residual voltage, there's probably a problem
with the generator. Otherwise it's in the regulator. Correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone else having problems accessing the archives??


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