Generator Pulley Fun...

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  1. It happened last night after a short trip to the car wash. As I was
    only 400 yards from the driveway, I heard a ssshhhrrrrrrrrrrsss, the
    car ran smooth, the generator light had also come on. I stopped and
    backed up as I thought surely something had fallen off the back of our
    car, nothing in sight.

    I pulled into the garage, raised the hood and to my surprise, the
    generator pulley had exploded. I quickly gave the engine compartment
    a once and twice over for any damage, all seemed well.

    I pulled the generator, removed the pulley part and cleaned the thing.
    I really had to think the options out on where I could get a
    replacement before the swim in this weekend, the TR, no, Nick, no,
    Gordon and have it shipped o/n to the swim in, no, Wayne's friend Tom,
    yes. Amphi friends make it happen.

    Rest assured, we will have a spare in the future.

    I have to question why the pulley was made out of plastic, it just
    doesn't seem all that stable, and we have proof.

    Fun, Fun, Fun,

    Marty & Caryl
    BUOYANT 64 Turq

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