gauges - any help appreciated

Jon March

numbers are for bulbs
letters are for wires

Keeping in mind that my car has been converted to negative ground, can folks tell me what bulbs and wires go to to where? (i asked a person or two last summer, but now im finally getting to this step - any help appreciated)Screen shot 2018-03-24 at 7.22.13 PM.png


Amphicar Expert
off the top of my head.. will fill in more later..

A.D.. hot wire key on black wires
B....guage wire. Blue
C.... ground,, Tan
E,,,Temp wire to motor..Red w/ w tracer
F.. red.. Hot all the time to clock.
1..Blue bulb. High beam.. blue wire
2..Red bulb.. Gen...
3 and 6..Dash lights... Grey
4. Orange bulb..Oil.. ....
5..Green bulb . turn signal....multi color wire