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Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


David Derer

Soon very soon Louisiana will have another Amphicar. My latest full
restoration passed all the tests. Another great time at The Blackhawks.
I nominate Doug and Phylis Parson for Amphibian of the Year Award. Since
99? they have handled the HUGE job of T shirts. Plus Doug always buys a
few rounds! Also Shellee at Gordon Imports. Every day with Hugh and she
still acts cheerful! Mike Echeman for all of his help and support over
the years. Because of him I have had many Amphis come through here.
(Mike now can I buy sign cheap?) Mike Isreal for working behind the
scenes for this list. With out it I would have no where to bilge My
thoughts. Rob Vondracek ,He has made it to all of My Swim Ins and many
others, he has made Amphicars his only priority. Also John Bevins for he
has inspired me to continue on even when events/ situations become
difficult. John Friese for even though he drove Me crazy, he forced me
to improve My skills. When I look at My work I ask would John Friese
accept it? Amphipoda, because he is just plain great. Viva Celina Dave
the Wave

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