Gasoline Surf Board

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Nov 29, 2000.

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    When I built the front shocks I raised ride hieght two inches. The rears
    need to be done now. The car sat for a couple of weeks before I could
    test drive. I fired up car and started smelling gas. Apparently because
    the front was higher than rear it helped the gas push by seat in carb.
    It drained gallons of gas in engine. Iam surprised it didnt explode. The
    addition of late model fuel solenoid will happen next. Ive installed
    these on customer cars but never got around to mine. Went to Chevy Vette
    fest in Chicago. The other car club members like to tease me about the
    Amphi. As in find any parts yet? I found an Amphi advertisement at one
    booth , then asked about anything else that floats. The guy points to
    floor. There was a surf board. Standing around Mc Cormick place in
    winter at a Chevy show with a surf board is similiar to being in an
    Amphicar. Everybody has a smile or a comment. Viva Celina! Later Dave
    the Wave

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