FWD: My Classic Car


Marc Schlemmer

Celina was indeed great! Weather could have been better, but the rain held
off at key points during the weekend.
Thanks to everyone that made the trip, because the great turnout really made
the weekend!

Following is an email that I received from "My Classic Car"......Dennis Gage
was very happy, and is promising "considerable media coverage" in his
invitation for us to join them at Autofest. Think about it...I went down
last year, and I think they'll treat us right.

Marc Schlemmer.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dennis Gage"
To: <mschlem@amphicar.net>
Cc: "Michael Alvey"
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 1:33 PM
Subject: Too cool!

> Marc,
> Just a quick note to tell you we had an absolute blast at the Celina event
> this past weekend. I've seen some of the footage and it is REALLY good.
> Thanks for all your efforts to get us there and all your support and
> hospitality while we were there. You Amphifolks are just too much fun.
> I'd like to also extend an invitation to everyone to come to Autofest in
> Evansville this October. Our dates this year are October 13 - 15. You
> all go swimming in the Ohio at Friday's cruise-in and I can guarantee
> considerable media coverage. We'd also arrange for a special showfield
> Saturday and Sunday so you can all commune together. (You know, Ducks of
> feather.......). Full details of Aufofest are on our web site including
> the ability to register online. Please spread the word.
> Again, thanks for everything. Give my best to Elizabeth.
> Happy swimming,
> Dennis