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Ed Price

I'm sorry; I meant to include the ALD on my distribution list, but must have
not done so. Here's what I meant to share.

BTW, all I know is that Kevin is from somewhere in Canada (his accent hints
to Eastern Ontario); I don't have an email address for him. However, you can
comment on his videos at YouTube, and you can also send him a message
through the EMAIL option button on the video page. (I already copied him
about this distribution.)


From: Ed Price [mailto:edprice@cox.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 12:29 AM
Subject: Amphi Model on YouTube
Importance: High

Kevin Hamilton, from Canada, has built a really nice scale Amphicar! In
these two videos, he runs his first tests. BTW, his Amphi isn't true inside;
for instance, he uses a pair of small motors for the props (no water
transmission), and he uses a separate motor for the wheels. I think that's a
Barbie doll for the driver, so you can get an idea how big this model is.

Watch the ramp entry in this video, and notice the accurate motion of the
Amphi in the water. Is that the Amphi horn at 1:02?


Next video has better video and close-ups; I kept waiting for Kevin to do a
high-speed splash-in from the grass into the water!


That's a great project Kevin; if you let us know where you live, I'm sure
that you will be welcome at any of our local swim-ins!

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