FW: 2010 Amphibian of the Year

Ed Price


of the YEAR

We have had a lively round of nominations for the 2010 Amphibian of the
Year. The official list of candidates for the 2010 AotY award is:

1. Scott Brunner

2. John Capone

3. Roger Sallee

4. Ron Trudeau

This list will be published in our next edition of the Wheels -n- Waves, and
we will also publish the list at our website. Late votes will be accepted
by email, so you can just hit REPLY, type in your choice for AotY, and send
it directly to me. Note that if you are reading this on the ALD, be sure you
email your reply to me,

<mailto:edprice@cox.net> <mailto:edprice@cox.net > edprice@cox.net

not back to the ALD, where everyone will see your vote!

Please vote only once, and remember that you must be a current member of the
IAOC. You may also vote from the IAOC website. Go to:


and click on "Check out the Nominees." You will see a short bio for each
nominee, and then just click on your selection. An email form will appear,
so you just need to click on SEND to enter your ballot.

If you prefer to not vote for any of the five nominees, you may simply
withhold your vote; write-ins will not be accepted. The winner will be
whoever receives the most votes. Voting will close on June 30th (we need
some time to make the plaque), but you are urged to vote now. The results
will not be publicized until after the 2010 AotY award is made in Celina.

Ed Price
IAOC Membership Registrar
El Cajon, CA USA
1961 Amphicar 770
1987 MB 420SEL