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So often misrepresented by reporters, the press,
and in nearly every periodical ever sold, the
enigma of the Amphicar is best understood only
by its precious few owners. So what is it about
the Amphicar that inspires such biased & fictional
representations by those non-owners? I, Amphipoda,
will again try and bring light to this complex question
that has haunted our web toed family for generations.
Perhaps we should begin by empathizing with the
dreaded land locked assailants of the Amphicar truth.
These lesser evolved bipeds have not the ability to
grasp complex concepts such as, "splash entries,
fins, routine maintenance, gills, boating without
a trailer or a slip, and the joys of vehicular buoyancy."
This limited understanding of the "Amphi Way" is
in itself the foundation of their inability to see
the facts as they are. It's like trying to describe
the color Fjord Green to a blind person... its not
going be interpreted as intended. Try as we may
to present the historical Amphicar facts, only to
see them twisted into whimsical fantasies blended
with a smattering of half truths. And sadly many
of these literary assaults are non-flattering and
some are down right embarrassing or insulting.

A possible solution in this anti-Amphi propaganda
war is to turn the tables on our advisories by
doing our own promotional pieces, publish our
own articles, air our own videos, promote our
web sites, and expose those purveyors of lies
for they are - Anti-Amphibian Fundamentalist
Extremists. I purpose that our very own Amphi
Board of Directors & President compile pro-
Amphi materials, literature, videos, handouts,
and the like, with fact filled interviews and real
statistics on our culture and our way of life.
Armed with the truth we can defeat the scourge
of falsehoods that plague our kind. Future
generations will thank us fore we have helped
to preserve the truth, the truth about Amphicars!

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA