Fuses and Dead Batteries


Arnold Hite

My guest is that you have already looked for obvious stuff like the
interior light stuck on, My money is on a short in one of the "always on"
circuits discussed by LarryS. Luckily there aren't too many. Isolate them
one at a time, and you'll find the source of your dead battery.
Your problem reminds me a little of a problem I used to have whenever I
attempted to put my Amphi in reverse. All lights would dim and if I didn't
get my hand off the gear shift fast enough the engine would die. It wasn't
until almost a year later when I discover that some previous owner had wired
the back up lights backwards (negative to ground). Luckily, the back-up
light switch was so dirty that it only worked if the stick was pushed way
over. Once in reverse with the stick at rest, the switch would not work so
the short disappeared. Good luck on your search.

Arnold Hite
(Back-up lights working now.)

Other than one defective battery (bad cell) we've never seen a problem with
holding a charge for several weeks (or months), even with the clock running.
We have no battery disconnect switch as previously noted.

Check the "interior" light under the glove box. That's an easy switch for
the passenger to hit with a knee and may not be seen if on. Not much else
is "hot' with the key off. Headlights, clock, bilge pump, and marine lights
are about it. Not even brake lights.

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